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Russian stars plunged into the world of "Alien"

Within the framework of the opening of the "Virtual and Augmented Reality Laboratory", the Russian premiere of a special video of one of the scenes of the long-awaited Ridley Scott film "Alien: Covenant", filmed in the format of virtual reality.The guests of the premiere could see the world of the future through the eyes of the neo-morph, an alien creature that poses a mortal danger to people.

The first Russian celebrities - actors Ivan Makarevich, Anfisa Chernykh, designers Masha Tsigal, Armen Yeritsyan, singer Andrey Butt and many others, as well as bloggers and journalists - have plunged into the world of the new "CHUZHOY".

Guests were greeted by representatives of the company "The Twentieth Century Fox CIS", the media space "Laboratory of Virtual and Augmented Reality" and the information portal

"The Laboratory of Virtual and Augmented Reality" was opened in Moscow by #tceh and the Internet Initiatives Development Fund.



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