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Paul Rudd

Paul Rudd

years of activity
1989 - 2020
Date of Birth
06.04.1969 (AriesAries) (before the birthday: 263 days)
178 see.
Paul Stephen Rudd


Paul Stephen Rudd (real name Radnitsky, born 6 April 1969 year in New Jersey) - an American actor, screenwriter of cinema and television. Known for the role of the Person-ant in the movie-studded Marvel and comedies, among which Jad Apatow's films stand out.

The actor's parents are Polish Jews who immigrated to the UK and then moved to the United States. His mother worked as a manager on television, and his father was the head of the airline. When Paul was 10 years old, the family moved to Kansas. There he enrolled in the theater faculty of the local university, graduated from it and continued his studies at the Academy of Drama at Oxford University.

Paul Rudd's theatrical career began with the play "Damned Poetry", in which he was both an actor and a producer.

The path of Rudd in the film industry began with the scoring of "The Simpsons." In 1992, he received his first episodic role in the series "Sisters", and this actor's debut Rudd was held in 1995 year, when he was approved for the main male role in the cult picture "stupid." Today on the actor's account several dozens of diverse roles.

In 1996, Rudd performed a great role in the film "Romeo + Juliet" Baz Luhrmann, and a year later received a major role in the comedy "Night Parcel", where he played with Reese Witherspoon.

World renowned actor gained in 1999 year, when he appeared in the drama "Rules of winemakers." The picture received an Oscar.

Proposals from the directors did not take long. Rudd appeared in three seasons of the popular TV series "Friends", in 2006 played the main role in the movie "Diggers", and in 2007 played a notable role in Jad Apatova in "A Little Bit Pregnant" and comedy melodrama "I'll Never Be Yours", where his partner was Michelle Pfeiffer. Raddu is equally good at comedic and dramatic roles. He brilliantly played in dramas "It's good to be quiet" and "Postscript".

2015 year was very intense for the actor, he was involved in several projects at once. He played in the comedy "Hot American Summer" and voiced the main character in "The Little Prince". But the most striking image in the repertoire of this year was the superhero Ant-Man in the film of the same name by Marvel Studios. Later, the actor appeared in several films of the new Marvel.

In 2003, Paul married a simple girl named Judy Jager. In 2006, Judy gave birth to Jack's son, and in 2010, the couple's daughter Derby was born. The actor's family lives in Manhattan, he himself is more often in Los Angeles because of the tight shooting schedule. Fans say that he almost does not follow social networks.

In 2015, Paul Rudd received his star on Hollywood Boulevard, and in January 2018, the theatrical community of Harvard University's Hasty Pudding Theatricals, which is the oldest theater organization in the US, named Paul Rudd a man of the year. The community justified its choice with the outstanding achievements of the actor in the cinema and theatrical scene, and, as the representatives of the organization put it, the amazing ability of the actor to grow older from 1995.


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