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Joaquin phoenix

Joaquin Phoenix

years of activity
1982 - 2019
Date of Birth
28.10.1974 (ScorpioScorpio) (before the birthday: 190 days)
173 see.
Joaquín Rafael Phoenix


Joaquín Rafael Phoenix (born 28 October 1974, San Juan, Puerto Rico) is an American actor, producer, clipmaker and musician. Four-time nominee and laureate of the cinematographic award "Golden Globe", three-time nominee for the Oscar. The younger brother of the deceased actor River Phoenix.

Joaquin Phoenix was born 28 October 1974 on the island of Puerto Rico in the Caribbean. His blood is mixed with the Spanish and Irish roots of the father and the Hungarian-Jewish mothers. Once, resting in a hammock, his pregnant mother felt a strong pain. Born after some time, the boy had a scar over his lip, which the doctor examining the baby took for a trace from the operation to remove the hare's lip. However, the future actor was born with this scar.

The actor's parents were hippies and spent many years in the "Children of God" sect, riding all over South America in an old van with a missionary mission and with five children. They replaced more than 40 houses, most of which collapsed, often "convenience" were located on the street. However, the actor does not consider his childhood difficult.

Joaquin Phoenix is ​​a convinced vegan. Becoming vegetarians of all Phoenix made them see the death of freshly caught fish. He dropped out of school in the 9 class when he received a dead frog for preparation in a biology class. Now Phoenix is ​​a member of the organizations "In Defense of Animals" and "People for Ethical Treatment of Animals". In 2003, he took part in the creation of a documentary film about the cruelty to animals "Earthlings".

The children of the Phoenix family immediately had their own agent, however, one on all five. It was Iris Burton, who still remains an agent of Joaquin. The Phoenix brothers debuted as actors in the project "Seven Brides for the Seven Brothers" in 1982.

In 1985, Joaquin starred in the movie "Children Do not Tell", as well as in one of the novels of the series "Alfred Hitchcock Presents." In 1987, critics perfectly took Joakin's next job - the role of a boy who pulled a Soviet sailor out of the water, in the movie "The Russians". Then he again excelled himself in Ron Howard's "Parents", released in 1989. He played with his older brother River, as well as the famous actor Keanu Reeves.

Brother Joaquin - River Phoenix, according to many viewers and critics, played brighter than Joaquin, and at 19 years was even nominated for an Oscar. But his life was tragically cut short in 1993 at the age of 23 years due to drug overdose. For the whole family, it turned out to be a terrible blow. Joaquin for a while left his acting career and disappeared from the paparazzi until he appeared in the film Gus Van Sent "Die in the Name" in 1995 year. The actor himself called this role both the best and the worst, because because of her he almost became a hostage to one image.

For the first time, Phoenix works in the foreground in the film "The Fictional Life of the Abbots" (1997), where he met with Liv Tyler, with whom he began a romantic relationship. They lived together for three years and parted, remaining friends. Now Joaquin Phoenix meets Rooney Mara, who worked with him on the set of films "She" (2013), "Mary Magdalene" (2018), "Do not worry, he will not go far" (2018).

The first Oscar nomination, Joaquin, was the role of Commodus in the film "The Gladiator" (2000) of the legendary director Ridley Scott. A large Hollywood style, burdened by the requirements of the genre of peplum, requires actors to swing their motions and work with large strokes. Over the years, it becomes clear that this is not the path of Joaquin, who prefers a subtle nuanced game.

Then followed the main roles in the films "Signs" (2002) and "Mysterious Forest" (2004). In the same 2004 year, Phoenix starred in the film "The Hotel of Rwanda", based on a scenario which was based on real tragic events in the state of Rwanda. His partners in the film were Don Cheadle, Jean Reno and Nick Nolte. For the film "Team 49: Fiery staircase" (2004), the actor passed an internship at the Fire Academy. On the set he met John Travolta, while the little Phoenix once had his autograph as a favorite actor ... It is noteworthy that John received for the film an incredible $ 20 million, and Phoenix - only $ 850 000.

His first Golden Globe in 2005, Joaquin Phoenix received the role of musician Johnny Cash in the film "Cross the Line." He was paired with Reese Witherspoon. He took vocal lessons and learned to play the guitar for this role.

Joaquin differs so serious approach to his work that it is quite possible to beat his head against the wall, if something is removed incorrectly, and rehearses for hours. In the movie "Master" during the shooting of one scene Joaquin Phoenix in a fit of anger broke the toilet. His actions were completely improvised (Joaquin was not going to break it and did not even think it was possible).

After filming in the movie "Lovers" in 2008, Joaquin Felix announced his decision to end his acting career for the sake of his only passion - hip-hop. This statement turned out to be a publicity in the campaign to promote the next film - "I'm still here". After the release, the film received an 54% rating on the Rotten Tomatoes website. Critics divided in the opinion of the genre of the painting, calling the film "a sad and tragic tragedy of the self-destruction of Joaquin Phoenix."

Joaquin himself likes to listen to Radiohead, Gangstarr, John Lennon, Miles Davis, Frank Sinatra, Queen and James Brown.

The peak of his acting skills by the overwhelming majority of critics was recognized as the role of Freddy Cuell in the film "Master" (2012) Paul Thomas Anderson. In this film, Joaquin played a lean seaman-alcoholic with a post-mortem syndrome. This film brought the actor a third nomination for an Oscar. Later, Joaquin will still star in this director in the film "Congenital Vice" (2014), based on the novel by Thomas Pynchon.

One of his most striking roles was the role of Theodore Twombly in the fantastic melodrama Spike Jones "She" (2013). The plot of the film tells of a lonely writer who installs on his computer a new operating system with the ability to self-learning and the voice of Scarlett Johansson. Then a romance arises between him and the artificial mind. The film received an Oscar in the category "Best Original Screenplay."

Joaquin Phoenix was offered to play Lex Luthor and Dr. Strange, but he refused, as he prefers to participate in the original projects.

One of the most important roles Joaquin in recent years has been the appearance in the movie Lynn Ramsey "You have never been here" (2017), for which the actor was awarded the Cannes Festival for Best Actor.

Now Joaquin Phoenix lives in an apartment in a block of flats in the center of New York. His neighbors are Casey Affleck (Ben's brother) and Sister Summer, who are married since 2006. In addition, he is friends with Vince Vaughn, Russell Crowe, Ben Affleck and Matt Damon.

Joaquin is fond of painting, draws, he has a motorcycle Ducati and a bright yellow retro car Pontiac LeMans release 1972 year. He likes playing backgammon, he knows some Spanish. Sometimes watching Spanish TV series, to improve their acting skills.

Joaquin never watches movies with his participation, does not read articles about himself and does not look at himself on TV.


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