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Oksana Akinshina in the trailer of the horror "Dawn"

14.09.2018 21:15
Everyone needs sleep

The first teaser trailer of the horror film "Dawn"From producers"Brides» Vladislava Severtseva и Dmitry Litvinov. Roles in the film were performed Oksana Akinshina, Anna Sliu, Alexander Molochnikov, Valery Kukhareshin, Oleg Vasilkov, Alexandra Drozdova, Anastasia Kuimova и Peter Skvortsov.

The plot will touch upon the theme of lucid dreaming and sleepy paralysis. At the main heroine under mysterious circumstances the elder brother dies. Immediately after this, it begins to pursue extremely realistic nightmares. The girl goes to the institute of somnology, where she, along with other patients, is immersed in a joint, conscious dream. However, after awakening, they all turn out to be in reality, which is more terrible than any nightmare.

Over the horror script worked Evgeny Kolyadintsev ("Dislajk ","Diggers"), And among similar in spirit tapes are called"Radiance","A Nightmare on Elm Street"And"Astral". The director of "Dawn" was the debut in a feature-length movie clipmaker Pavel Sidorov.

On wide screens the film will be 31 January 2019.

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