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Willem Dafoe in the first trailer of the drama "Van Gogh. On the threshold of eternity "

05.09.2018 20:35
Vision of the artist

Following the first poster came the debut trailer of the biographical drama "On the threshold of eternity»S Willem Defoe in the image of Vincent Van Gogh. Also in the cast are Oscar Isaac, Mads Mickellsson, Rupert Frend и Niels Astorup.

The American director and artist Julian Schnabel ("Diving suit and butterfly"), He also wrote the script in co-authorship with Jean-Claude Carrière ("Ghosts of Goya","Marie Antoinette"). The plot is dedicated to the last years of the life of the famous post-impressionist who he spent in the French city of Arles and the village of Auvers-sur-Oise. According to Schnabel, the film will present a special author's vision of the biography of Van Gogh and tell about the artist's relationship with eternity.

The foreign release of the film will take place in November, the date of the Russian premiere is not called.

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