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The first poster of the new season of "Real Detective"

06.12.2018 08:30
Flowing time

HBO shared an animated poster of the third season "A real detective"With the participation of the new protagonist, played by Oscar-winning Maheršala Ali ("House of cards","Moonlight").

The focus will be the story of a terrible crime committed in the heart of Ozark, and the secret that it has been carrying for decades. The plot will unfold in three different time periods.

Nik Piccolatto He returned as a showman and screenwriter of all the series, and also acted as a director along with Jeremy Solnier ("Hold Dark","Green Room") And By Daniel Sackheim ("Dr. House","The Glass House").

Maheršala Ali played the role of detective Wayne Hayes from northwestern Arkansas, Stephen Dorff - Roland West, partner of Hayes and a seasoned state investigator, and Carmen Edgiego embodied the image of the school teacher Amelia Reardon. Skate McNairy played a character named Tom, who suffers from a terrible loss linking him with two detectives.

Also in the cast is Mami Gammer ("Ricky and Flash","Side effect»), Figure Wakefield ("Judgment night»), Michael Grays ("New World»), John Tenney("Legion","Tumstoun»), Ray Fisher ("League of Justice»), Sara Gadon ("11.22.63","She's Grace.") And Emily Nelson ("Reanimation","Friend of the bride").

The criminal tele-drama will return to the small screens 13 January 2019 of the year.

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