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The first frame of the drama "paw" about the childhood of Shayi LaBafa

27.01.2019 18:00
Hard years

The first official frame from the biographical drama “Honey", Dedicated to the young years Shai LaBafa. The actor himself performed in the film the role of his alcoholic father, and also acted as a screenwriter under the pseudonym "Otis Lort."

The focus will be on the difficult relationship of the child star Otis Lort (prototype - Shia LaBeouf) with his cruel and uncontrollable father James, who abused alcohol and later got into a drug treatment clinic. Biopic events unfolding over ten years.

Lukas Hedges ("Manchester by the sea","Lady Bird") Embodied the image of LaBafa-teenager, and Shayu at an earlier age played Noah Jopp ("Quiet place","Suburbikon"). Also in castes are included Mike Monroe, Clifton Collins Jr., Natasha Lionne, Martin Starr и Sandra Roscoe.

For directing is responsible Alma Harelknown for her work on the Bombay Beach and LoveTrue documentaries. The premiere of "Paws" was held at the Sundance Film Festival, the release date has not yet been disclosed.

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