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A close look at the new costumes of Spider-Man from Away from Home

05.12.2018 21:44
Stylish new clothes

Visitors to the Brazilian Comic-Cona shared photos with Spider-Man costumes in which the hero Tom Holland will appear in a blockbuster "Away from home"- the updated red-black version and the" stealth suit "in the style of the Noir Spider. Also at the festival will show the debut trailer, the release of which should take place on the Web on Saturday.

The central antagonist of the sequel will be the Mysterio performed by Jake Gyllenhaal, and the role of Adrian Tumes / Vulture will return Michael Keaton. Numan Akhar ("Homeland") Played a certain" Dimitry "(presumably Dmitry Smerdyakov - the Russian supervillain spy Chameleon).

The director of kinokomiksa again made John Watts, previously withdrawn "Homecoming". The plot will unfold, according to the producer franchise Amy Pascal, “Just a few minutes after the final“The Avengers 4"". Kevin Feigi in turn, added that the events of the second part will take place in Europe.

In the broad box office blockbuster will be 5 July 2019 year.

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