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Both actors are negotiating a role in the film "Glorious Guys"

13.06.2014 13:02
Shane Black calls Russell Crow and Ryan Gosling to his noir

A highly curious project is being hammered on - the Oscar winner Russell Crowe and Oscar nominee Ryan Gosling in noir Shane Black "Nice Guys".

Producer "Iron Man 3"And the screenwriter"Deadly weapons"Shane Black wrote" Nice Guys "a couple of years ago, but the project did not see a green light ahead of him. The narrative sends us to Los Angeles in the seventies, where Jackson Healy (hired muscles, former alcoholic) and Holland March (private detective practicing alcoholic) live. Together they were reduced by the suicide of a fading porn star. The aunt of the deceased girl is convinced that she saw her alive several days after the replicated suicide in the press. March needs money, he gets down to business and pretty soon reveals a whole series of terrible secrets. It turns out that people from the automobile industry are somehow involved in what is happening.

If Black is lucky, Crow will return to the image of the "muscles" of Los Angeles and will thresh suspects during interrogation, as in "LA Confidential". Gosling, respectively, will play a detective. True, that they take up these images, much must coincide. The arrival of Gosling in the staff of "Glorious Guys" is quite probable, but Crow's schedule is too dense. In particular, Crowe can prevent the promotional tour of his directorial debut "Seeker water", Which he can not neglect in any way.

Note that in the writing of the script also participated Anthony Bagarozzi, a friend of Black, with whom they read the script at the festival in Austin in 2011 year.

Produces "Glorious Guys" Joel Silver ("Sherlock Holmes: The Game of Shadows","В значит вендета","Matrix").

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