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Became known nominees for the film award "Cesar"

23.01.2019 20:08

In Paris, announced the nominees for the French film award "Cesar". The 44 awards ceremony will be held at the Paris Châtelet Theater 22 February.

Best movie:


“On freedom!”

«Brothers Sisters»





Best Director:

Emanuel Finkel - "The Pain"

Pierre Salvadori - “On freedom!”

Jacques Odiar - "Brothers Sisters"

Gilles Lelouch - “Unsinkable”

Alex Lutz - Guy

Xavier Legrand - “Guardianship”

Jeanne Erri - “Baby”

Best Foreign Film:

«Three billboards on the border of Ebbing, Missouri»


«Cold war»



"Our troubles"

«Shop thieves»

The best actress:

Elodie Boucher - “Baby”

Cecil De France - "Mademoiselle de Jonquieres"

Леа Друкер - “Guardianship”

Virginie Ether - “Impossible love”

Adel Anel - “On freedom!”

Sandrine Cyberlean - “Baby”

Melanie Thierry - “Pain”

Best Actor:

Eduard Baer - "Mademoiselle de Jonquieres"

Romain Durres - “Our troubles”

Vincent Lacoste - "Amanda"

Gilles Lelouch - “Baby”

Alex Lutz - “Guy”

Pio Marmaj - “On freedom!”

Denis Menoshe - “Guardianship”

Best Supporting Actress:

Isabelle Adjani - “The world belongs to you”

Leila Behti - “Unsinkable”

Virginie Ether - “Unsinkable”

Audrey Tothou - “On freedom!”

Karin Vyar - “Little Tickles”

Best supporting actor:

Jean-Yug Anglaud - “Unsinkable”

Damien Bonnard - “On freedom!”

Clovis Cornijak - “Little Tickles”

Philippe Catherine - “Unsinkable”

Denis Podalides - “Pleasure, love and fast running”

Best Young Actress:

Ophely Bo - «Mektube, my love»

Galatea Bellugi - "Appearance"

Jenny Beth - "Impossible Love"

Lily-Rose Depp - «Fair man»

Kenza Fort - Scheherazade

Best Young Actor:

Anthony Bajon - "Prayer"

Thomas Gioria - “Guardianship”

William Lebhil - "First Year"

Karim Leklou - “The world belongs to you”

Dylan Robert - "Scheherazade"

The best original script:

“On freedom!”





The best adapted scenario:

"Little Tickles"


"Brothers Sisters"

"Mademoiselle de Jonquieres"

"Impossible love"

Best animated film:

"Asterix and the Secret Potion"

"Dilili in Paris"


Best documentary film:


"Da Chaque Instant"

"Le Grand Bal"

"Ni Juge, Ni Soumise"

"The State Against Mandela and the Others"

Best Debut Movie:

"L'Amour Flou"

"Little Tickles"




The best music for the film:

Anton Sankoh - “Amanda”

Camille Bazba - "On the Freedom!"

Alexander Despla - Brothers Sisters

Vincent Blanchard - "Guy"

Pascal Sangla - In Safe Hands

Gregoire Getzel - An Impossible Love

Best Cinematography:

Alexis Kavirshin - “The Pain”

Benoit Déby - Brothers Sisters

Lauren Tanguy - "Unsinkable"

Natalie Durand - Guardianship

Lauren Desme - "Mademoiselle de Jonquieres"

The best costumes:


"The Emperor of Paris"

"Brothers Sisters"

"Mademoiselle de Jonquieres"

"One king - one France"

Best mounting:

"Little Tickles"

“On freedom!”

"Brothers Sisters"



The best song:


"Brothers Sisters"




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