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Win tickets to the movie "Revenge of Lizzie Borden"!

14.01.2019 16:59
Raffle Tickets

15 January in 19: 30 cinema "KARO 11 October" will be a pre-movie "The Revenge of Lizzie Borden»S Chloe Sevigny и Kristen Stewart in the lead roles, and we invite our readers to participate in the 3 raffle tickets raffle!

To participate in the contest, you need to subscribe to the official public of the film portal “” VK and make a repost draw entries to my wall. Summing up the day of January 15.

The plot of the picture is based on real events. In 1892, a young girl named after Bridget Sallivan (Critic STUrt) is under the supervision of a girl in the house of Lizzie Burden (Chloya Sviny). NEVER, for herself, Lizzy finds herself in a blessed birthplace in Bridget, and soon they are ascending close. But once Bridget exposes the father Lizzy and her mate the dead, and the main suspect is Lizzie.

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