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Charges "Aquaman" exceeded $ 500 million

27.12.2018 00:30
Holiday in Atlantis

Two days in home rentals, 24 and 25 December, "Aquamen»Collected as much as $ 33 million, increasing its total result in the US to $ 106 million. Taking into account foreign box office blockbuster James Wang Already earned $ 570 million.

Analyst Forbes Mark Hughes suggests that by the end of the week, the global fees of the DC movie comics will grow to $ 700 million, while in the end Aquaman will bring about 1 billion dollars.

Meanwhile, box office sales of movie tickets in the United States and Canada for 2018 have reached a historic result - $ 11,8 billion. The previous record, $ 11,4 billion, was recorded in 2016 year.

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