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Jake Gyllenhaal refused the role in the "Squad of suicides"

22.01.2015 07:32
The search for the leader of suicides continues

As expected, the Jake Gyllenhaal refused to offer Warner Bros. play Rick Flagg in the film adaptation of DC comics "suicide squad". Gyllenhaal is bound by obligations on Broadway until March. In addition, in recent interviews, the actor has repeatedly stated that he is not too eager to act in blockbusters. In 2015, there will be three films featuring Gyllenhaal, no blockbusters among them ("Lefty", "Everest" and "Destruction") and will not be.

In Warner Bros. the fact of refusal to comment did not. Be that as it may, the search continues. Find the right actor and settle all the formalities is necessary until April, when the shooting begins "Detachment of Suicides".

Recall, the release of the "Suicide Squad" is scheduled for the summer of 2016. The main roles will be played Jared Leto "The joker, Margot Robbie "Harley Quinn, Jay Courtney - Boomerang, Will Smith - Deadshot, Cara Delevingne - The Enchantress.

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