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Film news

Special screening of the movie "Submarine"

31.03.2016 13:25
Underwater show

Important news for fans of classics - 17 April a special display of the legendary film will take place at the cinema "Aurora" Wolfgang Petersen «Submarine».

The history of the military campaign of the German submarine U-96 during the Second World War - along with "Apocalypse today» Francis Ford Coppola, "Boat" by Wolfgang Petersen is considered a landmark in anti-war cinema. This tape, one of the most successful German films in the world box office, opened Petersen's way to Hollywood, and the viewer almost for the first time offered a look at the war "on the other side." This approach attracted the attention of the global audience, but in Germany itself, the comments on the picture were initially contradictory. The image of Kriegsmarine employees from humanistic positions met with disapproval of a significant part of the Germans.

The novel was based on the novel by Lothar-Gunther Buxheim. Location - Atlantic, time - autumn 1941 year. The days of the crew of the German submarine. The sailors train, remember their relatives, joke - and so the hours, days, months go by ... But the tension grows: the team has to fight the British fleet and aviation, maneuver, trying to save their own lives. Together with the heroes, we are trapped in this close male world of insane orders and senseless victims.

The ubiquitous camera Josta Wakano ("Soldiers of the Queen"(1977),"Robocop (1987), "Remember all"(1990)) penetrates into every gap, inspects each screw in this dirty and heavy atmosphere. For filming in the scenery of the submarine, Wakano modified the Arri film camera, and also developed special stabilizing mechanisms that are more compact than standard steeds.

Another undoubted success of the film is the musical accompaniment. Smooth, concise and tense melodies reflect the alarming mood of the picture. At the beginning of 1990, the main musical theme of the film became the basis for the world-famous hit of the group U-96 "Das boot". The author of the soundtrack was a famous musician and composer Klaus Doldinger ("Endless story").

Sound effects, for which responded Milan Bor, rightly received a lot of awards and nominations - in combination with the image they create the impression of a terrible, but paradoxically-attractive atmosphere of the submarine.

"Boat" was shot more than 5 years, and almost immediately after the release received worldwide recognition, becoming one of the most important German paintings of the XX century. The film won the German Film Awards in the nominations "Best Sound" and "Outstanding Feature Film." In the same 1982 year the film was nominated for the American film award "Golden Globe", and in 1983 "Boat" received six nominations for the Oscar, as well as the British Film Academy Award (BAFTA). This year the film marks the 35 anniversary.

Tickets at the ticket offices of the cinema "Aurora" (Nevsky Prospekt, d. 60, metro Gostiny Dvor) and on site of the cinema.

Ticket price: 400 r. - in the pre-sale, 500 r. - on the day of the event.

The organizers of the event: the company Inoyokino.

General information partners: the radio station "Eldoradio" and the television channel "St. Petersburg".

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