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New excerpt from the action "Alita: Fighting Angel" by Rodriguez and Cameron

25.01.2019 15:00
Echoes of the past

Studio 20th Century FOX released the second excerpt from the sci-fi blockbuster "Alita: Battle Angel". The director of the picture based on the same manga / anime made Robert Rodriguez, and one of the producers - James Cameron.

The plot will unfold in the XXVI century, 300 years after the Great War. The focus is on the story of the cyborg girl Gali, also known as Alita (Rosa Salazar), whose remains are found at the dump Dr. Ido (Christoph Waltz) - a cyborg repairing surgeon who rescues Gali. It soon becomes clear that she had lost her memories, although she was still able to use cyborgs combat techniques.

Also in the cast of the film appear Michelle Rodriguez, Jackie Earl Hailey, Jennifer Connelly, Ace Gonzalez, Jeff Fahey, Ed Skrein, Kasper Van Din, Qian Jonsson, Maheršala Ali, Lana Condor и Leonard Wu.

The premiere of "Alita" is scheduled for February 14.

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