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At the Cannes Film Festival this year, the Russian pavilion will be opened for the first time, and Wong Kar-Wai will show an updated version of his "Ashes of the Times"

10.04.2008 13:50
Cannes: Russian pavilion and film Kar-Vai

At the film festival in Cannes this year will be the first to open the Russian pavilion, and Wong Kar-Wai will show an updated version of its "The dust of times".

About everything in order. The opening of the Russian pavilion is due to the fact that the national cinema celebrates its centenary.

SovExportFilm is organizing the pavilion. It will host a series of parties, meetings and roundtables. A beach party will celebrate the centenary of the release in 1908 of the first Russian ten-minute film "Ponizovaya Volnitsa" by Vladimir Romashkov. Also separately celebrate the fifty-year "Golden Palm Branch", which was awarded in 1958 year film Mikhail Kalatozov "Cranes are flying" (1957).

Director General of SovExportFilm Grigory Gevorgyan told Variety that all events that will be held from 14 on 25 May will mark the intention of Russian cinema to enter the world stage.

"We want foreign producers to understand that they can shoot in Russia, that we can find everything: professional film crews, equipment, transportation, places for filming, various climatic conditions - a complete list of everything necessary", - he said.

Kar-Vai is also preparing to show in Cannes a revised "Ashes of Time" - the only tape in the filmography of the director, which can be conditionally attributed to paintings about martial arts. The only question is whether Kar-Vai will have time to finish all the work by the time.

Films of Kar-Vai four times took part in the main competition of the festival. In different years, the "Golden Branch" claimed "Happy Together" / Chun gwong cha sit / (1997), "The Mood for Love" / Fa yeung nin wa / (2000), "2046" / 2046 / (2004) last year "My Blueberry Nights" / My Blueberry Nights / (2007). Drama "Happy Together" / Chun gwong cha sit / (1997) brought in 1997 year Kar-Wai prize for the best direction.

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