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Вышел второй трейлер сериала «Чудотворцы» с Дэниэлом Рэдклиффом

10.02.2019 18:00
Невероятное чудо

TBS выпустили второй трейлер комедийного сериала «Wonderworkers" with Daniel Radcliffe. Showmanner stands Simon Rich ("Man looking for women"), Whose novel" What in God's Name "formed the basis of the script.

The events of the show unfold in the office of the Heavenly Office. Two lower level angels, Craig (Radcliffe) and Eliza (Geraldine Viswanathan), trying to convince God (Steve Bushemi) do not destroy humanity. In return, they promise to perform an incredible miracle: to help two people fall in love with each other.

On small screens, the series will be 12 February.

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