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Shyamalan's “glass” keeps the lead at the box office

04.02.2019 10:19
Guarding the box office

Comic Thriller "Glass» M. Night Shyamalana retains a leading position in home hire for the third week in a row, adding to its piggy bank for another $ 9,5 million. Total ticket picture has already exceeded $ 198 million.

The second line of the top of the American box office once again departed comedy "1 + 1: Hollywood Story, Which earned $ 8,8 million over the weekend. Next comes action thriller "Miss Bala", Collected $ 6,7 million.

In fourth place was a blockbuster DC "Aquamen"With its $ 4,7 million (global fees - $ 1,1 billion). The top five still closes the Sony cartoon "Spiderman: Through the Universes"With $ 4,4 million over the weekend.

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