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Николас Холт на постерах байопика «Толкин»

13.03.2019 09:30
Молодость писателя

Fox Searchlight показали два свежих постера байопика «Tolkien»S Nicholas Holt as the legendary writer JRR Tolkien. Картина о создателе «Властелина колец» попадёт на широкие экраны 10 мая.

The plot of the biographical drama will focus on the youthful years of JRR. Tolkien before the First World War. Orphan Tolkien is trying to make real friends, to find love and creative inspiration in the company of the same rogue students at school. However, the company of outsiders is subjected to various tests because of the outbreak of war. Later, these events will inspire Tolkien to create classic works about the world of Middle-earth.

Holt's company was Lily Collins, Genevieve O'Reilly, Derek Jacoby, Pam Ferris, Craig Roberts, Laura Donnelly, Colm Mini, Anthony Boyle, Mimi Keene and others.

Fox Searchlight did the project House Karukoski ("Lion's Heart","Lapland Odyssey"), For which Tolkien was the first English-language film. Worked on the script tape David Gleeson ("Front line").

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