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Появились новые тизеры телеверсии «Реальных упырей» Тайки Вайтити

09.02.2019 09:30
Prince of Darkness

Телесеть FX выпустила два новых проморолика сериала «What we do in the shade"- American adaptation of the cult vampire comedy"Real Ghouls».

The creators of the original film Wait to go и Jamane Clement took over the responsibilities of the executive producers of the show. In addition, Whiteiti acted as a director, and Clement wrote scripts for several episodes.

The storyline will remain the same, but the scene will be moved from Wellington to New York. The focus will again be a pseudo-documentary story about a company of vampires who "live" in the same house for hundreds of years. Ghouls try to adapt to the modern world, without changing their way of life - they sleep in coffins during the day, wander around the city at night, quarrel with werewolves, compete for someone else's attention and, of course, drink blood.

The main roles in the 10 series show are Kaivanu Novaku, Matt Berry, Natassia Demetriou, Harvey Gillen и Mark Proksu. Premiere newReal ghouls»Expected 27 March.

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