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The Star of the Matrix will play in the "Bad guys 3"

06.12.2018 10:00
Captain in business

Already next month, the shooting of the long-awaited third part of the Bad Boys called “Bad guys forever", And Sony studio gradually begins to collect the cast.

Previously, their return in trikvele confirmed Will Smith и Martin Lawrencenow Deadline report that Joe Pantoliano ("Matrix","Klan Soprano") Re-enact the role of captain Howard, played by him in the first two action-franchise films.

According to the plot of the new picture, Markus Burnett (Lawrence) became a private detective, quarreling with Mike Lowry (Smith), who is experiencing a midlife crisis and working with a new young and self-confident partner. However, Lowry does not trust his colleague and is trying in every way to establish contact with Burnett. As a result, old friends are together again, because now they have to face a cruel and extremely dangerous Albanian mercenary who dreams of revenge for Lowry and Burnett for the death of his brother.

The production of comedy fighter with a budget of $ 100 million will be engaged Adil El Arby и Bilal Falla ("Black","Picture"), In parallel developing «A policeman from Beverly Hills 4».

The current version of the script created Peter Craig ("Going the Distance ","Hunger Games: Joke-mockingbird") Rewrote early drafts from Chris Bremner и Joe Carnahan. Responsibilities of the producer again took over Gerry Brockheimer.

The premiere of Bad Boys Forever is scheduled for January 17 2020.

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