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Fresh poster of the thriller "Plant" from director Yuri Bykov

14.01.2019 17:29
The outcome of the battle

A new social thriller poster appeared on the Web.Plant"- a new director's work Yuri Bykovfilm directorFool"And"Maj.».

In the center of the story will be the story of a group of simple workers from the remote area who learn that their plant is going to close, and all its employees - to fire. The heroes take hostages of the oligarch who decided to destroy the plant, which they gave their whole lives. The outcome of the battle will decide who is right: rich or poor.

The main roles were performed by Denis Shvedov ("Major", "Major»), Andrey Smolyakov ("Stalingrad»), Vladislav Abashin ("House of Sun","Penalty»), Alexander Bukharov ("Boomer","Young Wolfhound»), Ivan Yankovsky ("Without Borders","Rag Alliance") and others.

On wide screens, “Plant” will be 7 February.

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