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Shane Black about the new "Predator"

24.03.2016 11:03

In 2018, a new film about the newcomer of the Predator should appear on the screens, and the tape will be staged Shane Black - one of the screenwriters of the original action movie 1987 (he played one more role there). The director talked about his plans for the sequel / reboot.

- They called me, and I doubted. He said, they say, "Listen. You guys from Fox, that is, I like these films, but you spit out all these "Alien vs. Predator," they cost some money, but no one even tries to make an event out of them. " Just another movie about the Predator, and all. To which they responded "And what if we say that we want you to invent the series anew, made an event film that will wait like the prequels to" Alien "one of which is coming out soon? We really want to do something. A film that people will line up in line. " I asked "Seriously, are you even ready to spend a lot of money on this?". They: "Aha". I: "Make it spectacular?" They: "Aha". I: "Damn, it sounds interesting."

It's interesting that Black compared the new film with "Iron Man 3", His last film.

- It seems to me that the first ["Predator"] is beautiful, capacious, a small masterpiece. It must be developed, with love for that era, that film, the mythology of the Predator. [...] They asked me to shoot a new tape about the Predator, but treat it like the "Iron Man 3", not the next small film. I said, "Well, let's go."

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