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The former mixed martial artist did not even think to ask the actress to be a bitter

21.05.2013 06:42
Gina Carano shared what it was like to fight Michelle Rodriguez

Before our eyes, a lot of video on the sixth "Forcing", but the brightest and most memorable moment is, of course, a fight Gina Carano с Michelle Rodriguez. If you suddenly do not know, Karano is a former mixed martial arts fighter, and Rodriguez is just a brutal actress, on whose account and "Resident Evil"and "Special Forces of the City of Angels", and still the same Fast and the Furious.

The battle of two such, if you will allow, heavyweights simply can not remain without special attention. Just counted the journalist site, asked Gene about the action scenes with Michelle Rodriguez.

- I think when they shoot a film with such a scale, the creators want the fight between the two women to look good. We were hired an excellent stunt man, who trained with us for almost an eternity. As soon as I arrived in London, I began to have solid rehearsals, - says Carano. - Michel showed herself very well. She has such energy, and there was no competition between us. It seems to me that we really cared for each other, although we distributed a few cuffs.

Recall that on the set of the film "Knockout" The scenes of fighting Gina Karano failed. Well, how did not work, she did not play them, she really beat, so Michelle Rodriguez had something to fear.

- You never know who will be in front of you, and how much this person will be afraid of you, how unprotected he will look, - reflects the former soldier of mixed martial arts. - The person before me only knows that I am a former fighter, and sometimes they imagine that I can get angry or not control the force of the blow. But I've never hurt anyone just like that, except for the case.

"Fast and Furious 6" starts in Russian cinemas this week, the release date is 23 May.

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