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Gyllenhaal about the plot of the new "Spiderman" and the role of Mysterio

09.12.2018 16:00
Friend for a while

On the eve of the Brazilian Comic-Cone, the public presented the first trailer "Spiderman: Away from home", But the release of the video on the web has not yet taken place Nevertheless, the performer of the role of Mysterio Jake Gyllenhaal yet shared the first details about the plot and your character.

According to the actor, in the film, the classic enemy Spidey Mysterio will be on the side of good (at least for a while): “The world is in danger - the Elementals threaten it. Mysterio understands these creatures and wants humanity to be safe. Therefore, Nick Fury turns to him for help. Misterio unites forces with the friendly neighbor Spider-Man, but then, unfortunately, their relationship will take a different turn. ”

Gyllenhaal admitted that he was attracted precisely by a fresh approach to the image of Mysterio: “I really liked the proposed concept, the way they originally rethought Mysterio, his motivation. And I thought to myself, "Yes, they managed to do it again." Every time I am surprised.

Previously, the producer Amy Pascal let slip that the events of the film unfold "just a few minutes after the final"The Avengers 4"". The main location of the sequel will be Europe, where Peter Parker (Tom Holland) go on a trip with your classmates.

Sony's blockbuster and Marvel blockbusters will hit 4 July 2019 on wide screens.

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