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Mexican Day of the Dead will celebrate at the Starcon Festival: Halloween

23.10.2018 22:30
Day of the Dead

3 and 4 in November in St. Petersburg in the exhibition complex "Lenexpo" for the third time a festival of fiction, cinema and horror Starcon: Halloween. The main theme of this year was the colorful Mexican holiday Día de los Muertos. The atmosphere of a scary Halloween and a bright Day of the Dead, two holidays at one event.

Starcon: Halloween - 10 interactive stands and sinister scenery, the carnival of the walking dead, 500 participants in the images of their favorite characters, an exciting quest with prizes at the iconic horror universe, a unique themed fair, movie premieres, chat with artists, bloggers and the largest Mexican party.

Starcon will delight cool movies, premieres and meetings with movie stars. The festival will feature presentations of the steampunk film “Abigail"And the horror film"Dawn". The director of the short film “Papers, Please” will bring exclusive materials of his new work based on the game “Beholder”. "The curse of a nun"And"Overlord»Will be shown for free to visitors within the framework of the“ Night of the Cinema Horrors ”. For adventure lovers, a special show of the first episode of the new season “Doctor Who».

Art Zone Starcon acquaint with dozens of artists, sculptors and authors of graphic novels. The program includes creative lectures, meetings with famous bloggers. The animation zone will work, interesting workshops will be held.

Traditionally, a cosplay contest will be held at the festival, the jury will select the most terrible images. Two days of enchanting shows and performances on the main stage. Hundreds of participants from different cities of Russia will come to compete in ten nominations.

This year at a party to the zombies, vampires and other evil spirits will join the spirits from the other world. Incendiary music, contests, Mexican cuisine and a special bar in the entourage of the charming Día de los Muertos. The party will open the doors for adult visitors to the festival 3 November in 21: 00.

Starcon: Halloween - this is a holiday for all. In 2003, UNESCO entered the Day of the Dead on the list of intangible cultural heritage of mankind.

To feel the atmosphere of fun it is not necessary to buy an expensive suit. Sombreros and false mustache, make-up can be done on the spot. Come with friends and children, be horrified and entertained on 3 and 4 November!

Hurry up to get a ticket to the scariest fantasy party:

Festival schedule:

Saturday 3 November:
12: 00 - 20: 00 1 festival day

13: 00 - 13: 40 Opening Ceremony on the Main Stage

12: 00 - 20: 00 Lectures and master classes in the Art Zone

14: 00 - 2: 00 Movie Hall

21: 00 - 4: 00 Party "Día de los Muertos" (18 +)

Sunday 4 November:

12: 00 - 21: 00 2 festival day

14: 00 - 20: 00 Movie Hall

12: 00 - 20: 00 Lectures and master classes in the Art Zone

Stay tuned and get fresh reviews, compilations and news about the movies first!

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