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In St. Petersburg, the shooting of a new action drama by the RWS film company Borets

30.04.2014 00:07
Alexei Chadov will defend the honor of Russia

22 April in St. Petersburg started shooting the action film of the RWS "Borets". The new film will tell the dramatic story of a fighter? specialist in mixed martial arts Victor nicknamed "Russian Hammer". He came to the sports section as a boy, he was not afraid of exhausting workouts and bruises, he had only one goal - to become the best. Victor hardened his body and brought up his will. The foundation of his victories is the maximum result. It can not be broken neither in the ring nor in life. Victor - a fighter in everything, with his fists and willpower, he makes his way to the elite of the sport.

On the eve of the battle for the world championship with the legendary champion Typhoon, the former classmate of the athlete, Eugene, nicknamed "Shark", offers him a deal: first to inflate interest in the match, and then voluntarily lose. The bookmaker is ready to share his earnings from high stakes with Victor. But for the Russian Hammer, honest struggle is above all. He never deceived the hopes of fans in his life! He goes to the ring For the honor of Russia! Victor sharply rejects the Shark. The conflict between them flares up with renewed vigor, when the athlete takes away from the classmate the beautiful Vera. Rage Sharks there is no limit! Trying to punish the offender, the bookmaker pursues Victor. The chase ends with a terrible accident, which casts doubt on the sports future of the borz. Vodka, melancholy and memories become the athlete's only friends. The pain caused by a beloved woman and the betrayal of friends in the history of an inspiring victory over oneself, which, without a doubt, will force the audience, with bated breath, to empathize with the main characters.

The creators of the film set the task to tell a sincere, true story about Russian athletes, to give viewers the opportunity to feel pride in those who defend the honor of the country.

The main role is played by Alexey Chadov, on account of which more than 30 feature films. The actor has repeatedly created on the screen images of athletes in the films "Kharlamov. Extra time", "Champions","Street Racers"

The irreconcilable opponent of the hero Chadov, a classmate of the Shark, plays Anton Shagin, familiar to viewers on tapes "Vices","Dandy","Kiss through the wall».

The main female role in the film will perform Oksana Akinshina, a movie star "The Sisters","Vysotsky. Thank you for being alive","The first eight dates».

In the picture will also participate Sergei Chirkov ("Election Day","On the game","Gamers»), Igor Sklyar ("We are from jazz","Saboteur. The End of the War","The courier from Paradise","Sherlock Holmes»)

The script was written Oleg Malovichko, who worked on tapes "Philip's Bay","Real dad","Brownie","Pick-up: Unstopping"," Vice ","Jungle»,« Firs ».

Director of the film - Egen Nurbek ("Net", "Empty house"," Mine ").

Director of photography, legendary Maxim Osadchiy ("9 company"," Heat ","The inhabited island","Two days","Cocoko","Stalingrad").

The producer is the General Director of CJSC "WORLD RUSSIAN STUDIO" Yuri Sapronov. With his direct participation, sensational series "Palm Sunday", "Moscow Courtyard", "Forgotten", "Swallow's Nest", "Samara", "Zone" were created. The full-length film "Thirst", Produced by Yuri Sapronov, collected more than 16 awards at Russian and foreign film festivals.

Consultants of the picture are: the president of the Moscow regional federation of mixed martial arts Vitaliy Nikolaevich Zhmak

The shooting of the film "The Wrestler" will be held in St. Petersburg and Moscow.

Exit tape rental is planned for 2015 year.

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