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16.12.2018 17:00

New frame from the horror "The Curse of the Weeping" by James Van

New frame from the horror "The Curse of the Weeping" by James Van

Total Film shared a fresh frame from a horror movie "Curse of the Weeping»From the producer James Wang. Staging the horror involved aspiring director Michael Chavezwho Van entrusted to shoot the third partCurses».

The events of the picture unfold in Los Angeles in the year 1973. Anna Garcia is a widow who brings up two children alone and works in the social security service. During the investigation into the mysterious disappearance of her charges, a woman discovers striking similarities with the frightening supernatural phenomena that haunt her own family. Enlisting the support of a local priest, Anna learns that the evil spirit of a Mexican woman suicide, known as La Yorona or the Weeping Woman, wants to take over her children.

The cast included Linda Cardellini, Raymond Crus, Patricia Velasquez, Sean Patrick Thomas, John Marshall Jones other. The Russian release of the tape is expected on 18 on April 2019 of the year.

16.12.2018 15:12

Angelina Jolie told her son that Brad Pitt was against his adoption

Angelina Jolie told her son that Brad Pitt was against his adoption

Western media continue to discuss the divorce proceedings Angelina Jolie и Brad Pitt, despite the fact that the point in the relationship of actors, it would seem, has long been set.

After resolving the situation with the tutelage of Jolie did not think to raise the white flag. She found a new way to settle accounts with her ex-husband. According to rumors, during the next court session, the actress told her adopted son Pax that Brad did not want to adopt him. Recall that the boy was adopted in 2007 year in Vietnam. Sources claim that Brad was against adopting a new child, because at that moment Jolie had just given birth to Shiloh.

After the meeting, Pitt’s relationship with the adopted son deteriorated sharply, because the boy never suspected that he was an unwanted child.

16.12.2018 14:56

Jennifer Lawrence responded to rumors of a relationship with Harvey Weinstein

Jennifer Lawrence responded to rumors of a relationship with Harvey Weinstein

Infamous producer Harvey Weinstein again became the focus of all attention. Not so long ago, actress Jane Doe, who Weinstein was trying to force intimate communication, said that the producer boasted in front of her relationship with Jennifer Lawrence.

According to Just Jared, during one of the working meetings, Weinstein reminded the actress that it was after her association with him that Lawrence won the American Film Academy Award.

Lawrence herself refutes these claims. According to the Oscar-winner, she had only business relations with the producer. She also added that Weinstein deliberately lied about relationships with her in order to attract young actresses.

16.12.2018 13:30

New trailer for the militant "Balkan Frontier" with Gosha Kutsenko

New trailer for the militant "Balkan Frontier" with Gosha Kutsenko

The second trailer for the dramatic action movie "Balkan border"Based on real events that took place in 1999 in Kosovo during the armed conflict between Albanians and Yugoslavia."

In the film, the events of the operation, which were strictly classified, will be shown for the first time. The main characters - the Russian paratroopers - are ordered to take control of the Slatina airfield in Kosovo and hold it until reinforcements arrive. But this strategic object is extremely important for the Albanian field commander and NATO generals. The special group is forced to take an unequal battle with terrorists. Russian peacekeepers and NATO forces are rushing to the airfield. The world is again close to a big war. But the commander of the special group, Andrei Shatalov, has no time for politics: his beloved girl Yasna is among the hostages at the airport.

The main role was played by Gosha Kutsenko, he is listed as a producer. The company actor made Anton Pampushny, Ravshan Kurkova, Roman Kurtsyn, Gojko Mitić, Milos Bikovich и Milena Radulovic. The Andrew Volgin ("Dancing to the Death","Run!").

The tape output is scheduled for March 28.

16.12.2018 11:30

"Stalin's death" was awarded at the "European Oscar"

"Stalin's death" was awarded at the "European Oscar"

Winners of the European Film Academy Award (also known as the "European Oscar") have been announced. Most of the awards received a picture Pavel Pavlikovsky «Cold war", Winning five nominations (the same work was won by the previous work of the director,"Ida").

The best European film"Cold war»

Best European comedy"The Death of Stalin»

Best Director: Pavel Pavlikovsky ("Cold War")

Best Actress: Joanna Kulig ("Cold War")

Best Actor: Marcello Fonte ("Dogman»)

Best screenplay: The Cold War

The best cartoon: “Another day of life”

Best Short Film: "The Years"

Discovery of the Year - FIPRESCI Prize"Girl»

The best work of the art director: Andrey Ponkratov ("Summer»)

Best Cinematography: Martin Otterbek ("Utoya, July 22»)

Best mounting: Jaroslav Kaminsky ("Cold War")

Best Costume Design: "Dogman"

Best composer: Christoph Kaiser, Julian Maas ("3 days with Romy Schneider»)

Best make-up and hairstyles: "Dogman"

Best Visual Effects"On the border of the worlds»

Best Sound: "Captain"

Best Documentary"Bergman»

People's Choice Award"Call me by your name»

Student prize European University Videos Award (EUFA)"Happy lazar»

Award for European contribution to world cinema: Rafe Fiennes

Honorary Award for Merit in Cinema: Carmen Maura

16.12.2018 09:00

Details about the sequel to Spider-Man: Through the Universes

Details about the sequel to Spider-Man: Through the Universes

In a recent conversation with Vanity Fair producer Amy Pascal shared details about the continuation and spin-off of the animation tape Sony "Spiderman: Through the Universes"And also hinted at the possibility of the appearance of canceled"Sinister Six».

According to Pascal, in the center of the plot of the second part of the cartoon will be the romantic relationship of Miles Morales and Gwen Stacy. Initially, this line was present in the “Through Universes” draft scenario, but then it was decided to abandon it.

For the setting of the sequel is responsible Hoakim Dos Santos ("Avatar: Legend of Aange","Voltron: The Legendary Defender"), And working on the script Dave Callaham (the trilogy "The Expendables","Godzilla","Doom").

As for the spin-off, he will focus on the adventures of the same Gwen-Spider and Cindy Moon / Silk with Jessica Drew / Spider Woman, the producer confirmed. In addition, solo is under development fiction film about silk

The director's chair of the “Through the Universes” branch offers Lauren Montgomery ("Batman: Year One","Justice League: The Crisis of Two Worlds"), While Bek Smith was in charge of writing the script.

Finally, Pascal touched on the theme of the revival of the “Sinister Six” - a movie comic about team-up enemies of Spider-Man, which the director had previously planned to do.Huts in the forest» Drew Goddard.

“I'm just waiting for the moment when Drew can direct this film,” said Amy. “With Drew Goddard, I’m ready to work on any project. He just needs to tell me what he is going to do. ”

Goddard also plans to take off for 20th Century FOX ActionStrength of X”About the team of Deadpool and Cable, but due to the merger of the studio with Disney, the fate of the project remains questionable.

16.12.2018 00:30

McConaughey on the set of Guy Ritchie's film "Guys-Aristocrats"

McConaughey on the set of Guy Ritchie's film "Guys-Aristocrats"

The network leaked a portion of fresh photos from the filming of the criminal tape Miramax “Aristocratic guys- a new directorial project Guy Ritchie with Matthew McConaughey.

Sources characterize the picture as a mixture "Sex creature"And"Аббатства Дунтон". The plot tells about the English drug lord, who seeks to quickly cut the money by selling his extremely lucrative criminal empire of the billionaire dynasty from Oklahoma.

Also in the cast is Colin Farrell, Michelle Dockery, Hugh grant, Henry Golding, Jeremy Strong, Jason Wong, Jordan Long и Chidi Adjufo. Richie himself wrote the script along with By Ivan Atkinson и Marn Davis.

The date of the premiere of "Aristocratic Men" is not reported.

15.12.2018 21:51

Bald Benedict Cumberbatch in the Breckit trailer

Bald Benedict Cumberbatch in the Breckit trailer

HBO released the first trailer for the TV movie "Broomweight"- political drama with Benedict Cumberbatch starring. The director of the film was Toby Haynes (“Sherlock","Black mirror","Doctor Who").

The plot will present the view "behind the scenes" of the British referendum 2016, when it was decided to withdraw the UK from the European Union. One of the main propagandists who influenced the opinion of voters was political strategist Dominic Cummings (Cumberbatch), who led the victorious campaign campaign “Vote Leave”. Also, viewers will be told about various tactics to attract the attention of voters and new technologies in the struggle for their votes, which were used during the referendum.

The script was written James Grahamand besides Cumberbatch, the cast also appears Lee Bordman, Oliver Maltmann, Mary Anthony, Jay Simpson, Heather Coombs, Ian maureen и Ross Hatt.

The premiere of "Brexit" is scheduled for January 19 2019.

15.12.2018 18:47

Excerpt from the comedy "Holmes and Watson" with Ferrell and Riley

Excerpt from the comedy "Holmes and Watson" with Ferrell and Riley

The debut trailer “Holmes and Watson"- comedy film adaptation works Arthur Conan Doyle - with the participation of two capital characters.

Images of the famous detective from Baker Street and his assistant Dr. John Watson embodied, respectively, Will Ferrell и John Si Reillypreviously starring together in "Pairing brothers". According to the plot of the picture, the eccentric duo takes on the investigation of a new complicated case and manages to make enemies for himself from all over the world.

The cast also includes Hugh Laurie, Rebecca Hall, Steve Kugan, Rafe Fiennes, Kelly McDonald и Rob Brydon. The director and screenwriter of the project made Itan Koén, known for his work on comedies "Be strong!"And"Soldiers of failure».

On the Russian screens "Holmes and Watson" will get 24 January.

15.12.2018 14:30

Tom Cruise in the photo from the filming of the second part of the "best shooter"

Tom Cruise in the photo from the filming of the second part of the "best shooter"

There are new photos from the set to continueThe best shooter»With participation Tom Cruise in the form of the pilot Pete "Maverick" Mitchell.

Val Kilmer will return to the role of Tom "Aisman" Kazansky from the original tape Tony Scott. Also in the cast are Jennifer Connelly, John Hamm, Ed Harris, Glen Powell ("To each his own»), Lewis Pullman ("Strangers: Cruel Intentions") And Miles Tellerplaying the son of the deceased lieutenant Nick "Goose" Bradshaw from the first picture.

According to the producer Jerry Bruckheimer, the plot of the second part will be devoted to the topic of dramatic growth in the popularity of drones, as a result of which the profession of the pilot is gradually disappearing into the past. "In general, the atmosphere of the sequel will be the same as in the first picture ... Aviator glasses will return, the thirst for speed, large and fast aircraft" - Tom Cruise added.

World premiere of the film from the director "Obliviona» Joseph Kosinski scheduled for 26 on June 2020.

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