La La Land
La La Land
7.8 spectators

La La Land

La La Land

2016, драма, комедия, мелодрама, мюзикл, США

time 2 hours 8 minutes
director Damien Shazell
scenario Damien Shazell
budget $ 30000000
dues $292 800 379 (мир)
$151 101 803 (США)
328 622 235 руб. (РФ)
premiere 31.08.2016 (мир)
12.01.2017 (РФ)
Film distribution Central Partner
production Black Label Media
Gilbert Films
Impostor Pictures
Marc Platt Productions
other names California dream
La La Land
La La Land: Cantando Estações
La La Land: City of Dreams
California dreams
La La Land: Melody of Love
City of lovers
For Hollywood's sake
La Land: California unistused
The city of stars
La la la
LaLa Land
Nhung Ke Kho Mong Mo
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About the film

In the heart of Los Angeles, the beginning actress Mia (Emma Stone) in the intervals between auditions works in a cafe, where she serves successful and influential movie stars, dreaming to be in their place one day. Fate brings her with Sebastian (Ryan Gosling) - obsessed with music by a jazz pianist who barely makes ends meet, moonlighting playing at cocktail parties and in dirty bars. The heroes fall in love, inspired by a common dream and life ideals, but the success comes with making decisions that threaten to break the fragile feelings, and the dreams to which Mia and Sebastian went with such perseverance and labor can forever separate them.

Director Damon Shazell, who has won a huge number of awards and won both the critics and spectators of the psychological drama "Obsession", again returns to the musical problem in the tragicomedy musical La La Land, where one of Hollywood's most beautiful and sensual screen pairs is Emma Stone and Ryan Goslinga - once again unites to shine with new colors in the stunning music rooms.

Review 23.12.2016 Борис Иванов With a song in life A wonderful romantic tragicomedy about love and ambition, which adds to the artistic language of the Romcomas the techniques of classical musicals
La La Land
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April 5 2019 Сериал Дэмьена Шазелла обрёл главного актёра April 28 2017 Damien Shazell is preparing a new musical drama. February 27 2017 Вручение премии «Оскар» завершилось скандалом.
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