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About the film "I"

In frame

The young man lives in the province, from early childhood uses drugs and writes avant-garde plays for the theater. His friends are all drug addicts, criminals, punks. He turns 18 and he goes to a mental hospital to get an article schizophrenic and evade military service. But his plan breaks down, and he is forced to undergo a hard compulsory treatment in a psychiatric hospital. The bullying of doctors, fights with the orderlies, confessions of psychopaths, hallucinations, all this becomes a reality of the hero. Life in the madhouse is closely intertwined with his memories of childhood, and the life of another hero - Romanian, murderer and drug addict, who is similar to God ...

Through the life stages of the hero, the life of a lost generation, the life of which fell on the 90-ies, passes before us.

Behind the scenes

Frontman of the group "Auktsion" Oleg Garkusha plays in this film a small role of the patient psychiatric hospital.


"The film" I "is purely realistic: I want him to evoke compassion for people whose youth fell on the 90-s and who died not in the Second World War but on a real metaphysical third" - Igor Voloshin in an interview with





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