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The Great Northern Way


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premiere (RF)
Film distribution
1 hour 30 minutes

About the film "The Great Northern Way"

The film "The Great Northern Way" is a great and fascinating journey deep into the history and along the arctic latitudes of our country. This is the most ambitious project, which has never been compared in Russia before. The film tells about the survival of northern peoples in inhuman conditions, the strength of their spirit and the relationship of people with nature and with each other, when severe external conditions are regularly forced to make a difficult internal choice.

The director of this project is a member of the Russian Geographical Society, the documentary - Leonid Kruglov. As part of the Kruglov project - "Seven brave", a large-scale work has already been done to prepare photo and video materials dedicated to the memory of the great Russian travelers and their geographical discoveries, namely: 6 expeditions to hard-to-reach points of the world along the routes of A. Nikitin, H. Laptev , N. Miklukho-Maclay, N. Przewalski, F. Bulatovic and others. During the expeditions 7 feature-length documentary films were filmed, which were shown in 2014 on the First Channel.



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