8.5 spectators



1997, драма, мелодрама, США

time 3 hours 14 minutes
director James Cameron
scenario James Cameron
budget $ 200000000
dues $1 528 100 000 (мир)
$658 672 302 (США)
393 741 137 руб. (РФ)
premiere 01.11.1997 (мир)
20.02.1998 (РФ)
Film distribution 20th Century Fox CIS
production Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation
Paramount Pictures
Lightstorm Entertainment
other names Titanic
Tai tan ni ke hao
Tit Daat To Hou
Titanic, 3D
Tie hiu hau
Planet Ice
The Ship of Dreams
Titanic in 3D
Titanic: The IMAX Experience
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About the film

In 1998, this picture received 11 Oscar awards and is still considered one of the best films in the history of cinematography. In the spring of 2012, on the 100-year anniversary of his death, the Titanic returned to us in a three-dimensional dimension, and then we find out what the people on board were feeling!

Since the time of the greatest shipwreck, exactly one hundred years have passed, but the history of the Titanic is not yet complete. A recognized innovator in advanced technology and special effects James Cameron again invites viewers to theaters. The world-famous love story, unfolding against the backdrop of the greatest catastrophe of the last century, has never before looked so majestic and natural. The newest achievements in the field of creation and transfer of 3D-image will allow to feel more fully the unreasoned tragedy of the death of the legendary liner.

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