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The Gotti Code



total votes: 50
USA, Canada
fees in Russia
6 869 881 руб.
Premiere (World)
premiere (RF)
Film distribution
1 hour 50 minutes
Emmett, Furla, Oasis Films (EFO Films), Fiore Films, Highland Film Group (HFG)
other names
Gotti: In the Shadow of My Father
Gotti: Three Generations
The Life and Death of John Gotti
Gotti - Il primo padrino
Paskutinis krikstatevis: Dzonas Gotti
Gotti - Um Verdadeiro Padrinho Americano

About the film "Code Gotti"

In the center of the plot are the relationships of two representatives of different generations of the famous Mafia clan Gambino, one of the most influential criminal families in New York: John Gotti the elder (John Travolta) lives according to thieves' law and is ready to die for them, his son, John Gotti Jr. ( Spencer Rocco Lofranco), chooses a different path, renouncing the mafia and deciding to atone for his guilt. Thanks to his charm, ruthlessness and the ability to skillfully evade the FBI's unsuccessful attempts to condemn him, Gotti the elder became one of the most famous gangsters of his time. However, his son, never penetrated into the affairs of the Mafia, unexpectedly becomes the head of the Gambino family, forcing him to accept his father's legacy.

"Code Gotti" - American biographical gangster drama directed by Kevin Connolly, based on the biography of the famous criminal authority of John Gotti. The tape represents the first serious attempt at cinema to look inwardly at the Gotti family and their world, in which the ball is ruled by mortal danger, betrayal and redemption.




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