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$ 9 000 000
fees in Russia
2 315 084 964 руб.
premiere (RF)
Film distribution
"Mars Media", "AMEDIA Production"

About the film "T-34"

The Great Patriotic War, 1941 year. In the battles at Volokolamsky frontier, Junior Lieutenant Ivushkin on his tank destroys the tank company of the Hauptmann Klaus Jager and finds himself in German captivity. Three years later, the Soviet tankman, despite the discontent of his comrades and the camp underground, suddenly agrees to lead a group of prisoners of war who are destined to become "cannon fodder" on captured T-34. However, Ivushkin uses the teachings for a daring and carefully planned escape. Thanks to the heroism of the comrades and the confusion of the Germans, Soviet tankmen are at large. Ahead - a provincial and undeveloped Germanic outback, to the border with the Czech Republic - 350 kilometers, and on the tail of the Soviet crew - a dozen "Panther" led by one of the best tankmen of the Reich Klaus Jager.

"T-34" - Russian military-action adventure with Alexander Petrov, Victor Dobronravov и Irina Staryshenbaum starring. The director and screenwriter of the picture was made by Alexey Sidorov ("Fight with the shadow","The Brigade").




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User avatar vk_skashin2015
branch Alexander User is authorized through social network. network "VKontakte"04.01.2019, in 16: 38: 43

It is already in a high quality grade tyt -

User Avatar Maxxis
branch Max (Maxxis)18.01.2019, in 19: 28: 44

I regard myself as patriots of my great country. BUT more talentless compote, I have not watched even once. I lost interest almost immediately, after the episodes with the animation hit by shells. Not a tanker, but I understand that this is such a fairy tale .. The polished muzzles of actors, foolishly trying to play "simple guys from the Urals, Ukraine, etc. .." do not stand up to scrutiny. The artful set of templates and cliché completely destroy at least something "slaped up" (minutes in 20-30 ?? am I not mistaken?) "Script.". Expressions are so stupid, and are untied from the spirit of the time, that in the middle of the film begins to stir up ... In general, some kind of "Boomer" turned out on tanks. So dumb, in our cinematography (I’m talking about the Russian, not the USSR) .. it wasn’t yet .. Luchsheb continued Startrek shot, or how our people began to live better in 2019 year by presidential decree ..

User picture vk_id472782919
branch Maksim User is authorized through social network. network "VKontakte"22.01.2019, in 15: 34: 14

The glass is in an excellent quality here

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