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Superbabrovy: The People's Avengers


total votes: 102
fees in Russia
189 292 941 руб.
premiere (RF)
Film distribution
1 hour 30 minutes
KeyStone production commissioned by Yellow, Black and White and Forever Films with the support of the Cinema Foundation
other names
Super Beavers 2
Superbobrovy: The Kuban Avengers
Superbribrovy: High Voltage

About the film "Superbabrovy: People's Avengers"

The focus is on the story of an ordinary Russian family, on whose house a meteorite fell. Thanks to him, the Bobrovs acquire superpowers: the grandfather becomes immortal, the father teleports, the son begins to understand the canine language, and his three sisters gain superpower, the ability to fly and be invisible. The only restriction: the ability to act only when the whole family in the collection.

The action begins in Thailand, where the Bobrov family escaped justice. Now they have to perform in the circus tent, demonstrating their superpowers to tourists. To be "circus monkeys" to the family is clearly not to their liking - everyone wants to go home to their homeland. Oleg and Sveta have a disagreement in the relationship: she dreams of children, and Oleg is not up to it. And the next scandal of the family: Oleg leaves, slamming the door. Returns, but no Bobrovs. They left. Oleg has to go to Russia. At home, he will not only have to re-conquer the heart of Sveta, but also unite the super powers of the Bobrov family in a battle with the villains of planetary scale, making of the careless relatives of these superheroes.




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