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total votes: 678
$ 9 000 000
fees in the world
$ 138 780 413
charges in the U.S.
$ 138 141 585
fees in Russia
568 934 354 руб.
Premiere (World)
premiere (RF)
Film distribution
1 hour 57 minutes
Blinding Edge Pictures, Blumhouse Productions
other names
Untitled M. Night Shyamalan Project
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About the film "Split"

Kevin (James McAvoy) is an unremarkable young man. However, inside his body live 23 absolutely different from each other personality. One of them forces him to kidnap three teenage girls. Being in captivity and trying to cope with fear, girls begin to meet with all the personalities of Kevin, each of which has its own unpredictable characteristics: from a small boy to a refined woman. But the real nightmare begins when 24-i and Kevin's last identity suddenly awakens - "Beast" - a humanoid bloodthirsty creature.

After a series of failed releases, to the nines and crushed by critics and negatively met by the audience, the director and screenwriter M. Night Shyamalan released a well-received horror comedy "Visit". The psychological thriller "Split" can consolidate the success of the disgraced Hindu and restore him the title of one of the most original and innovative filmmakers of the planet.


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User picture omikhailov
branch Oleg (omikhailov)09.09.2017, in 21: 10: 22

The book is better.

There is such a popular book 80-ies, called "The man who took his wife for a hat." In her psychiatrist describes various interesting stories, which he happened to see for his practice. In addition to the story about the old man, who really could not distinguish his wife from the hat in his old age and tried to put it on his head, Kevin's story, in whose head several personalities lived, is also described. The story itself is interesting, but it's also Hollywood, the film should be based not on history, but on a marketing plan grounded on a strictly defined category of viewers, which, as pigs from the feeder, are filled exactly with what they are supposed to eat. This picture, apparently, was designed for young maidens, who, perhaps, will lead to the cinema and their guys. Therefore, poor Kevin was made a maniac-rapist-scumbag-cannibal, Dr. Oliver Sachs woman (to make it easier for viewers to imagine themselves in the place of a wise psychologist) added two vulgar girls who are not sorry to kill, a little pedophilia and violence, and that in the session, bored, invented a monster like Hulk, who screams terribly, pushes speeches about the superman and does not die from a shot from the shotgun right in the heart. Honestly, if you know the real story, then look at it a little sickening, but, in principle, one can see it.

User picture omikhailov
branch Oleg (omikhailov)09.09.2017, in 22: 17: 49

PS I confused Sachs book with a book about Bill Milligan, but this does not cancel what was said about the film.

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