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Renoir. last love



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1 hour 51 minute
Center National de la Cinematographie (CNC), Fidelite Films, France 2 Cinema, France Television, Mars Distribution, Orange Cinema Series, Region Provence-Alpes-Cote d'Azur, Wild Bunch

About the film "Renoir. Last love"

Cote d'Azur, 1915 year. The gray-haired Auguste Renoir receives the news that his beloved son Jean is wounded at the front. The only thing that brightens the bitter hermitage of the artist is the presence of a young red-haired model beside him. The dazzling Andre becomes the master's last muse and fills his world with new colors. It is not surprising that Jean, who returned from the dandy, passionately falls in love with an amazing beauty ...





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branch Ivan (NOWru)14.10.2013, in 22: 53: 18

Auguste Renoir is a landmark French artist, one of the main representatives of impressionism, which influenced both painting in general and specific people who later became no less significant people of art. In short, this is a man who deserves not one but a dozen films dedicated to his person, who continues to inspire people and almost a hundred years after his death. And in 2012, at the artist's homeland, his biopic was finally taken off, reflecting the last years of his life. To focus the attention of the audience on this time interval is the clear move of Gilles Burdo, the director of the film "Renoir. Last love". After all, precisely at that time, in the so-called "red" period of his work, the artist was finally fully deserved recognition of the society. And besides, it was then that Renoir pronounced the famous phrase "The pain passes, and the beauty remains", vividly revealing his physical and moral state at that time. By the end of his life, Renoir suffered from diseases that disfigured his hands and chained him to a wheelchair, but did not stop him from continuing to create. It was this unattainable craving for beauty and love for art, in spite of everything, that became one of the main leitmotifs of "The Last Love". Without passing the frame, Burdo brings to the viewer the suffering through which Renoir passed at that time, adding to the physical side also moral ones. Which, corresponding to the title, and became the second component of the film, reflecting the relationship of Renoir with the young model André. Daring and willful, she quickly conquers the heart of the painter, as well as his son Jean, who returned from the front crippled. Strictly speaking, as you can conclude from the multilanguage title of the film, it is divided into two parts. In the first, the director focused on Renoir's work, the process of creating his paintings and revealing the complex and tragic personality of the artist. The second one concentrates more on Andre and Jean, passionately in love with her, who has to hide their relationship from her father. For the fans of the Renoir itself, the first half will be more interesting, for those who do not experience craving for painting, the second one is shot. Deftly laying both halves of the film in a melodramatic genre, Burdo seems to leave no chance for the skeptics, so, despite the formal separation, he got a holistic picture. The secret of this integrity is simple and made by the director already in the slogan of the film - "Subtle feelings in bed colors". Remove the "Last Love" in style, the authentic handwriting of the maestro - the only true solution, which, to the delight of both fans of Renoir, and ordinary viewers, was accepted by Burdo. The film really looks like it's not so much a screen version of Renoir's life as his work, transferring to the movie screen the thin and airy style of the artist.

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