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The last movie hero

Last Action Hero


total votes: 5
$ 85 000 000
fees in the world
$ 87 282 095
charges in the U.S.
$ 50 016 394
Premiere (World)
2 hours 10 minutes
Columbia Pictures Corporation, Oak Productions
other names
El último gran héroe
Der letzte Action Held
Последният екшън герой
O Último Grande Herói
Le dernier des héros
Poslední akcní hrdina
Den sidste actionhelt show more

О фильме «Последний киногерой»

Danny Madigan is a fan of Jack Slater's movie hero and constantly reviews films with his participation in the cinema, whose projectionist, Nick, has long become his friend. One day Nick tells Danny about the Golden Ticket that Harry Houdini gave him. This ticket, according to Houdini, had to be magical and allow its owner to get inside the movie. Nick himself never dared to check what was said, afraid to destroy the tale, and Danny gives it to him, dividing into two halves (for the control and for the visitor). At night, Danny watches the premiere "Jack Slater IV", and old Nick falls asleep in the camera room. During the viewing, Danny finds herself in her favorite film - in a world where everything lives according to the "laws of the genre": good always defeats evil, there are no ugly girls, and phone numbers start on 555. Danny is delighted - he was in the world of his dreams next to his hero. But Slater himself does not share his feelings: what Danny thinks of as adventures, for Jack is the daily risk, the loss of close people and the pressure of stupid superiors. Danny tries unsuccessfully to prove to Slater that he is a movie personality, but he helps him in the fight with local villain Benedict. In the course of adventure, they become friends, but Benedikt suddenly gets a Golden Ticket to the real world. Pursuing Benedict, Danny and Slater also get into the real world. Once in the real world, Jack Slater feels "not at ease" - here everything is completely different than he used to: the falls cause severe pain, the car's glass can not be broken with his fist, etc. He even falls into depression because of that his whole life is in fact fictitious and spelled out in the script, like the death of loved ones. Benedicta meanwhile plans to return from the third part of the movie about Jack his old enemy, the insane Ripper killer (on whose account the life of Jack's son, Benny), that at the premiere of the movie "Jack Slater IV" by his hands to remove playing Jack in the films of the actor Арнольда Шварценеггера and thus deal with Slater. Jack, in time noticing the Ripper in the hall, saves his "creator" Arnold Schwarzenegger. The actor, thinking he was confronted with his counterpart, offers Jack a job, but Slater tells Schwarzenegger that he "only gives him pain". Pursuing the Ripper, Slater gets into a repetition of the situation from his past: The Ripper throws Danny off the roof, and he can not stop it. But the Ripper dies, and Slater, having shown real heroism, saves Danny, who has stayed on the lantern. However, Benedict, still possessed by a thirst for revenge, manages to mortally wound Jack. To save Slater can only be a miracle, which according to the script always happens with the Hero of Militants - killed by the accurate shot of Jack, Benedikt drops the Golden Ticket that falls near the cinema. Having shown all his strength, Danny delivers the deadly wounded hero to the cinema and sends it back to the movie with the Golden Ticket, where Slater quickly recovers from the deadly wounds and prepares for new exploits.


Видео (Андрей Кокарев, "СК-Новости", номер 68)
Andrey Kokarev, "СК-Новости", номер 68


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