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The Last Temptation of Christ

The Last Temptation of Christ


total votes: 20
USA, Canada
$ 7 000 000
fees in the world
$ 8 373 585
charges in the U.S.
$ 8 373 585
Premiere (World)
2 hours 44 minutes
Cineplex Odeon Films, Universal Pictures
other names
The last temptation of Christ
The last temptation of Christ
L'ultima tentazione di Cristo
La dernière tentation du Christ

About the film "The Last Temptation of Christ"

Jesus Christ is a carpenter from Judea. He earns a living by chopping crosses on which representatives of Roman authorities crucify criminals. Jesus is visited by voices and visions - he realizes that he is elected, but he can not understand what is his purpose and who he is elected: God or the devil. Judas, a friend of Jesus, passionately condemns him for his cooperation with the authorities and even beats Jesus.

Trying to understand and comprehend himself, Jesus leaves to wander with Judas. He has to go through the difficult path of the Messiah. The crowd is going to throw stones at the harlot Mary Magdalene, but Jesus saves her, turning to the crowd: "Let the one who throws the stone first without sin". Jesus visits the mythical Jewish monastery, then he is baptized and instructed by John the Baptist. Jesus is joined by disciples, and he treats the people of Israel with the Sermon on the Mount, explaining to them that he is love. Jesus is going to the wilderness. By all means, Jesus wants God to hear it, and for many days does not come out of the circle, enduring the temptations of the devil.

Jesus returns to Jerusalem with disciples and expels him from the temple, raising his troubles in the city with his sermons. Realizing that by violence he will not achieve anything, Jesus finally comprehends his destiny - to take the sins of men and die for the human race. He asks Judas to surrender it to the Roman authorities. Judas refuses and begs the teacher to think, but he is adamant. After meeting with the disciples at the Last Supper, Judah leads the Roman legionaries, and they arrest Jesus. The procurator of Judea, Pontius Pilate, judges Jesus and gives him the death penalty.

Jesus is condemned, and he is crucified on the cross. At the moment of the most terrible torment he is a vision. A beautiful girl, a guardian angel, calls him behind her. It helps Christ to descend from the cross and leave the place of execution. Jesus descends into the flowering valley, and he is greeted by a wedding ceremony. He marries Mary Magdalene, they have children. After the death of Mary, he takes as his wife the sister of Lazarus saved by him. A long life goes by. At the bed of the old and dying Jesus there appear the gray-haired disciples: Peter, Judas and others. They insult and reproach the teacher for choosing the worldly life instead of the role of the Messiah assigned to him. Jesus is the last to shake off the dreams of temptation and returns to reality.

The final scene. Christ is crucified on the cross, and a smile appears on his lips.




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