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A policeman with a ruble. Christmas chaos


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premiere (RF)
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1 hour 30 minutes

About the film “Policeman from Rublevka. New Year's mayhem

In the full-length version of the popular comedy series, heroes Grisha Izmailov, Vladimir Sergeevich Yakovlev, Nika Izmailova, Christina, Igor V. Mukhich, Alyona Smirnova and Alisa Rybkina who are already beloved and familiar to the audience, fall in love with the audience.

The plot unfolds on the eve of the New Year. The scene of action is the Barvikha Severnoe police station, which the top authorities intend to close. A policeman from Rublevka Grisha Izmailov intends to save his department and his colleagues, and for this he is ready for the most decisive and even absolutely extreme measures. Together with other operas, he develops a desperate plan: this dashing company decided to rob a bank. Thanks to this clandestine operation, Grisha and his friends want to show that they are able to solve the “difficult case”. After all, it is clear that for Izmailov's colleagues, headed by the head of the department, Yakovlev, it will not be difficult to return the money “stolen” from the bank and thus become heroes. And, accordingly, the department on Rublevka will not be closed, and everyone will remain at their posts. However, Grisha and his colleagues, everything goes wrong, as it was originally intended.




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By the way, it is already clear how it was sent to I recommend to everyone))

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