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Bubble guy

Bubble Boy

The Bubble Boy / (2000) is missing


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$ 13 000 000
charges in the U.S.
$ 5 007 898
Premiere (World)
1 hour 19 minutes
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About the film "The Guy from the Bubble"

Jimmy Livingston begins his story even before appearing in white light. Only at four years my mother brought him home, because Jimmy was allergic to everything and there was no immunity. And he lived under a transparent plastic bubble. The boy could not even touch his mother, who put her hands in rubber-inserted gloves to feed her son. At 16, Jimmy received a Stratocaster fender and was carried away by rock. Mom read Jimmy at night tales of evil and terrible women and girls. All the boys laughed at Jimmy, but Chloe's neighbor, a beautiful blonde, became interested in his fate. She came to visit him, and Jimmy called her a slut, just like my mother did. Chloe said she was rather a bitch than a slut. When she left, Mom began to pour Chloe on the mud, but Jimmy began to teach Chloe to play the guitar. Life with Jimmy has become much more fun. Chloe even gave him a guinea pig in a blister. Jimmy Livingston fell in love with Chloe, but soon learned that Chloe was going to marry another guy, Mark, who does not need a bubble. Then Jimmy, despite the danger, wears a special suit and goes on a journey across the country to catch Chloe, that he loves her.
The picture is sweet, kind and a little sad - you can not deal with Chloe for the sake of which she marries Mark ...
How the whole story ends, you can find out for yourself. By the way, the film sounds very good music. (M. Ivanov)


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