7.6 spectators



2017, драма, ужасы, США

time 2 hours 15 minutes
director Andy Mousquetti
budget -
dues 1 067 747 575 руб. (РФ)
premiere 29.08.2017 (мир)
07.09.2017 (РФ)
Film distribution Caro Premier
production New Line Cinema
KatzSmith Productions
Lin Pictures
RatPac-Dune Entertainment
Vertigo Entertainment
other names Es
It: A Coisa
It: Part 1 - The Losers' Club
Το Αυτ
That's it
Το αυτ
Oraşul bântuIT
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About the film

A small town in Maine terrorizes a mysterious serial killer, with inhuman cruelty killing children. Here and there are torn bodies, and sometimes only parts of them. Seven of the eleven-year-olds: Richie Tozier, Bill Denbro, Beverly Marsh, Mike Hanlon, Eddie Casprbrake, Ben Hensky and Stan Uris face each separately with a mysterious evil - a horrible monster capable of taking any form. In the movie, It appears in the image of a clown named Penny, who lures children with orange pompons and balloons. In a place known as "Steppes", the guys, having united in the "Club of Losers", decide to find and destroy the monster. Leader of "Losers" is Bill Denbro, whose brother was killed by Pennyvize a year before, and now Bill has his own vendetta. In addition to the monster "Losers" pursues a local hooligan Henry Bowers with his friends, which, however, even more rally friends.

The dramatic horror film, shot by Andres Mousquetti on the novel of the same name by Stephen King, reveals all the childhood fears that they will have to contend with. Human cohesion is the only chance to survive and stop evil.

Review 06.09.2017 Борис Хохлов Fear under the city A brilliant horror film with a serious claim to the cult, crossing the atmosphere of Stephen King, the style of James Wang and the retweiba of "Very strange cases"
Interesting Facts
  • A mysterious story with the number 27. The release of the film was realized after 27 years after the release of the series. The book tells that "It" comes back every 27 years. Actor Mr. Brandon, who played Bill in the series, died at the age of 27 years. Filming began on 27 June 2016 year.
  • Mark Rylens and Ben Mendolsohn were considered for the role of Pennyvize. Tim Curry also offered a role, and he practically agreed, but later refused, citing poor health.
  • Andres Musketti promised that this version of the film will contain not only a lot of horrors, but also a lot of blood, unlike the series, where the horror was, but there was very little blood.
  • Cary Fukunaga was asked to become a director of the film, but he refused in connection with disagreements on the vision of the cast and the size of the film budget.
  • In an interview with the magazine Empire Movie Will Pulter mentioned that he was forced to leave the project, since he originally intended to work in the team of director Carey Fukunaga and agreed to a more somber version of the film.
  • Andres Mousquetti confirmed that he excluded the usual forms of "It" from the script, such as the form of a mummy and a werewolf, thereby making his appeal more sudden and unusual for those viewers who had already watched the original version of the film.
  • In the original version of the film, the events with the children took place in 1958 year. In this movie, everything happens in 1989.
  • The actor who played the role of "It", was born the same year, when the original version of the film was released, in 1990 year.
  • Hugo Weaving и Bill Skarsgard came to the final list for the role of "It" after Will Pulter left the project. As a result, the role went to Skarsgard.
  • In February 2016, the film's producer Roy Lee told in an interview that despite the rumors the film is not planned to be divided into two parts.
  • Two days before the filming began, director Andres Mousquetti posted a photograph of his office in an instagram, in which a bunch of balloons are located, thus hinting that the film has passed the stage of pre-production, and the shooting is about to begin.
  • Prouduser Barbara Mousquetti confirmed that Jessica Chastain will play the role of an adult Beverly.
  • In the book the name of Mike's father is Will, and in the film Lira.
  • The film category is marked with the "R" mark.
  • Andres Mouschetti every day took photos from the filming in his instagram.
  • Finn Wolfgang the only one from the team of former director Cary Fukunaga, whom Andres Mousquetti took.
  • Both actors who passed the final casting for the role of "It", were significantly higher than the original Pennyvize.
  • The film was in development for as many as 7 years before the shooting finally began.
  • This film is the debut for actor Jackson Robert Scott.
  • Carrot Top was considered for the role of Pennyvise as well as Steven R. Hart, but both candidates were rejected.

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