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About the movie "Night Watch"

Since 23 February 2006 year in the cinemas of Russia - the world version of the "Night Watch", a new installation from the company "20th Century Fox".

It's dangerous on night streets. But it's not about criminals and maniacs. There are those who call themselves "Others". Those whose strength is great, with whom not to cope with conventional weapons. "We are all" Others "- both Dark and Light, we take our power from people, Dark is dark, Light is light." For many centuries between those who are ready for everything for this power, there is a war and no one can win. stands on the verge ...

And so the Great Treaty was concluded between the Light and the Dark. But the "Other" are not sinless. And they violated the Treaty. And then the Night Watch was created by the Light Ones, following the crimes of the Dark Ones, and the Dark Ones, on the contrary, watching the Light Ones.


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Bekmambetov is one of the best Russian-speaking directors, he gives us the best films, and even with wonderful actors in the lead roles. Konstantin Khabensky appeared in an unusual role, and indeed the view of vampires in this interpretation is very unusual and interesting

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