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Premiere (World)
length of series
45 minutes.
number of episodes
4 series
number of seasons
1 season
Weit Media

About the series "Snowstorm"

The story of the main character Vary began in the small Russian town of Radov. There, a graduate of the eleventh grade, she meets her first love Kostya. But on the night of the graduation ball, as a result of the fatal confluence of circumstances, Kostya threw Varya, unfairly deciding that she had betrayed him with another. Kostya went into the army, and Varya realized that she was pregnant. The bright, curly-haired and very Shabutnaya Vovka appears to the light-the joy of her mother and grandmother.
In life, Varya awaits many trials and disappointments: leaving for Moscow for work, meeting and parting with the new beloved Paul, mum's illness, unsuccessful search for work, even a predilection for alcohol. Kostya will once again appear in her life, but now Varya finally realizes that this is not her destiny. But, despite all adversity, Varya continues to believe in good things. "Doubts will go away, the blizzard will end, and soon spring will be, and there will be sun, and heat, and green grass ... and a new life, and new happiness!" - she often repeats to her son.
And one day, during the last winter blizzard, fate gives Vary another chance to make out who she really needs. And who in her life - forever.





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