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About the film "Dead Daughters"

In Moscow, there is a series of mysterious deaths. Everyone is inclined to see in them simply accidents, and it never occurs to anyone to connect them with each other. After all, in a world where everyone has watched more than one horror film, it is very difficult to believe in the reality of the ghost legend. It's difficult, until your friend dies, and the risk of becoming another victim of the girls rising from the dead will not hang over you.

Three days Anna and her friends will live in fear. The slightest oversight or careless act threatens terrible payback. Each of the young people will try to find their own way out, their way to salvation, their way to escape punishment. What can be done to curse backward? How to determine where is good and where is evil? And is it possible, if your judges are dead children?

Once a crazy mother drowned three of her little daughters. A few years later, a mother-killer, placed in a psychiatric hospital, was brutally murdered with the help of three types of cold steel. Witnesses claimed that three girls did this. The ghosts of dead daughters took revenge on their mothers, but the thirst for vengeance was not quenched. Their anger has not dissipated. A deadly chain reaction was brought into play: for three days the dead daughters watched who had seen their victim. Once a person committed some bad act, the ghosts dealt with him. In them - a huge force. And this power is growing. They can not find peace. Perhaps they are not just ghosts. They…




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