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The Martian


total votes: 247
United States, United Kingdom
$ 108 000 000
fees in the world
$ 401 728 227
charges in the U.S.
$ 228 433 663
Premiere (World)
premiere (RF)
Film distribution
2 hours 24 minutes
Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation, TSG Entertainment, Scott Free Productions, Genre Films, International Traders, Kinberg Genre, Mid Atlantic Films
other names
Misión Rescate
Lost in Mars
Only on Mars
Der Marsianer - Rettet Mark Watney
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About the film "The Martian"

After a severe storm on Mars, colleagues of the astronaut Mark Watney considered him dead and left the red planet. But Watney survived and was all alone. Mark was not discouraged and shows all his ingenuity to invent a way to inform the Earth of his situation. Now for millions of kilometers from Mars, NASA's staff and the best scientists from different countries are doing their best to bring the "Martian" home, and the members of his crew are organizing an almost impossible rescue mission. The whole world, with bated breath, watches Watney's return to her home planet.


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branch Sergey User is authorized through social network. Facebook network05.11.2015, in 10: 26: 06

the movie sucks.
Do not waste your time on this garbage.
Hardly mastered the floor of the film.
Grandiose blunders:
1. on Mars storms are almost always. Naturally, when flying to Mars, this should be provided so as not to end the mission at the very beginning.
2. On the slipway - vertically - the rocket is put already before the very start, and then, until the last minute is kept in vertical position with a special handle - you can see the launch of any missile - that our, that the American.
3.Even behind the Earth - every military pilot has a radio beacon - which allows him to find. Of course, it was not difficult for such radio beacons to equip all spacesuits - then the question of finding the missing cosmonaut would not have been at all.
4. As a rule, before ANY space flight - all the little things are worked out to automatism - because this determines the life of the astronauts. We, throughout the whole film, see how the cosmonauts improvise all the time. But, this is not an uninhabited island on Earth - it's a foreign environment, where the slightest inaccuracy leads to instantaneous death.
5. The expedition was to last for another three months - it is not clear why the tovarischi immediately broke up and rushed off to Earth. Even if they were afraid of the breeze on Mars - it was possible to wait out the storm in orbit, and then continue the research. Judging by the presence of everything - their ship has simply inexhaustible sources of energy. Especially when on Mars there was their tovarisch - all the same, alive or dead.
6. the film shows that the expedition had inexhaustible sources of energy, oxygen, but for some reason limited in food.
7. Potatoes on Mars would NEVER grow, as it grows in organic soil - in chernozem, plus potatoes, you need the sun for growth.
8. Even on an ordinary plane, especially in space - all the actions of the crew are strictly regulated - no one is allowed (I want to emphasize this a hundred times) liberties.
Meanwhile - the whole film is simply teeming with the liberties of ALL participants, who then do that they violate the orders of the higher DEBILS (that is, the leaders), but the episode where the ship without the permission of the Earth broke again to fly to Mars is in general FULL SUCK. On this I finished watching these films. Most likely, the crew would be blocked from controlling the ship, than they blocked control from the Earth - since control from the Earth is always a priority, and ANY directions of the Earth are MANDATORY to unconditional fulfillment.

In general - complete SUCKS .... Our film - "Step-children in the universe" - much better.

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