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How I became a Russian


total votes: 29
Russia, China
fees in Russia
122 101 965 руб.
premiere (RF)
Film distribution
1 hour 40 minutes
All Media Company, U.Lan Media Xuzhou Ltd., Zhejiang Huace Film & TV Co. Ltd., "Sky", "Central Partnership", "Valedar", "RK Media", with the support of the Cinema Foundation

About the film "How I Became a Russian"

To like the father of his bride - the task is not of the lungs. This problem is also faced by the Chinese guy Pen (Dong Chao), who comes to Russia after the heart that won him a beautiful Russian girl Ira (Elizaveta Kononova). Pen is not afraid of obstacles and trials, not even suspecting that the stern father of his lover will take care of them (Vitaliy Khayev), who is not at all ready to give his daughter to the first comer, and he has his cunning plan for getting rid of Pena. However, the father of the bride and the groom will have to learn to respect each other if they want to keep next to a girl whom they love the most.

"How I became a Russian" is a Russian-Chinese comedy film created by directors Akaki Sahelashvili and Xia Hao. Filming took place in Moscow, Moscow region, Beijing and Shanghai. Also the team of the film visited the Chinese Venice, Suzhou City, and Badalina, where the romantic scenes on the Great Wall of China were shot.




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