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Sin City

Sin City


total votes: 101
$ 40 000 000
fees in the world
$ 84 650 000
charges in the U.S.
$ 74 103 820
Premiere (World)
premiere (RF)
Film distribution
2 hours 4 minutes
Dimension Films, Troublemaker Studios
other names
La ciudad del pecado
Günah Sheheri
Sin City: Grad on Sin
Sin City: A Cidade do Pecado
A Sin City
Sin City - mesto hríchu
Frank Miller's Sin City - Ciudad del pecado show more

About the film "The City of Sins"

In frame

Three stories of passion, revenge and betrayal that unfold in the City of Sins - a place where the mafia ruled, corrupt police and resolute singles. A stern policeman rescues a girl from a maniac, a lone street fighter avenges a murdered girl, armed to the teeth of a prostitute fighting with bandits. Stories that start badly, but end up with a mountain of corpses.

Behind the scenes

The screen version of the graphic novel by Frank Miller, who, even after becoming a film, remained a comic. Miller himself put this film along with Robert Rodriguez, a specially invited director was Quentin Tarantino. In this company, Leonardo DiCaprio, Michael Douglas and Keith Bosworth dreamed to play, but for different reasons could not. Jessica Alba in order to better understand her role as an innocent stripper, especially went to strip clubs, but this, by her own admission, did not help.


"We will not have mercy, we'll have to kill them all, every rat, every bastard, not out of vengeance, not because they deserve it, not because the world will get better without them." We need a mountain of bloodied bodies so that Wallenkvist, the boss of the mafia, would calculate the benefits and losses and realized that it's more expensive to quarrel with girls from the old city. "


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News on the topic

Shauranner "Walking Dead" will make a series of "Sin City" series.
Bruce Boxleitner recently expressed his doubts that he will play the Throne in the upcoming "Throne 3" - but, perhaps, he will be invited to the same role in the sequel to another Disney project ...
The newcomer member of the team is known to all fans of the series "24 hours" as President David Palmer.
Chloe Sevigny fit into the main role in the crime drama A & E "Those Who Kill" based on the Danish series "Den som dræber", based, in turn, on ...
Juno Temple will become one of the three fairies to look after young princess Aurora (El Fanning) in Maleficent / (2013) - a new version of the fairy tale of Sleeping Beauty. Colleague ...
The main character of Adam McKay's comedy "Anchorman": The Legend of Ron Burgundy / (2004) Ron Burgundy got himself a Twitter and already announced there a teaser sequel that will be tied to ...
Next week, the casting will begin, and in summer the film production process under the working title "Sin City: A Dame To Kill For" starts.
In the sequel there is a place for Nancy Callahan and Marwa, played in the past by Jessica Alba and Mickey Rourke.
True, there is still no final scenario ...
Robert Rodriguez decided to postpone for a while the work on the continuation of his film, one of the most unusual films of recent times - "The City of Sins."
Shooting the sequel neo-noir of the movie "City of Sins" will begin in June 2007.


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User picture vk_id193177616
branch Lils User is authorized through social network. network "VKontakte"16.12.2013, in 23: 15: 35

Very cool movie in the style of Rodriguez. It is already a pity that not all the actors from it will participate in sequels, because everyone was ideally suited to this story. I watched with pleasure a non-banal and interesting film that can be reviewed several times.

User picture richardral
branch Dmitry (richardral)23.12.2013, in 15: 54: 48

Bloody fumes. But stylish. In this you will not refuse.

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