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total votes: 315
fees in Russia
573 733 112 руб.
Premiere (World)
premiere (RF)
Film distribution
1 hour 49 minutes
Warner Bros., Electric Entertainment, Jerry Bruckheimer Films, Skydance Media
other names
Magnetic storm
Storm: Planet in Fury
space Storm
Globaline audra
Geostorm - Global Threat

About the film "Geostorm"

When catastrophic climate change threatens the very survival of the Earth, world governments unite and create the "Dutch Boy" program - a worldwide network of satellites surrounding the planet that are armed with geoengineering technology to prevent a catastrophe. After successfully protecting the planet for two years, the system begins to get out of control. One of the brothers-designers of these same satellites is sent to solve the problem (Gerard Butler). However, the most difficult thing for him in this whole matter is the fact that he is forced to cooperate with his brother, whom he has not spoken to for many years. Meanwhile, there was a high probability of the appearance of a storm of incredible dimensions. At the same time, the brother learns about some kind of conspiracy to assassinate the US president.

"Geostream" is the forthcoming fantastic film-catastrophe, which is a full-length directorial debut for Dean Devlin. He is also a screenwriter and a film producer. In assistants to the scenario work, Davlin decided to take long-time colleague Paul Guyot, with whom he worked on some serials.




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branch Shon User is authorized through social network. Twitter network19.10.2017, in 18: 01: 38

Geostream is not the worst film about the "end of the world", until the middle of the film, even gives a hint of detective ... but after 30-40 minutes, everything falls into place, namely trite, not interesting and funny (in the bad sense of the word) . The graphon is ridiculous in places, music is not even remembered. Gerard Butler and Jim Sturgess are the only ones who at least try to play in the film, and then Butler got the role of "not up to Bruce Uvilis". The motives of "Zlodyushka" are also very controversial and not very logical. Exceptionally relax after a hard day, and so I can not advise.

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