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premiere (RF)
Film distribution
1 hour 56 minutes
TVE "ROCK", "New Projects"
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About the film "Fool"

The lives of 800 hostel people hang literally in the balance because of the indifference of local authorities. Any second the building could collapse. And who would have thought that the fates of people would be in the hands of simple plumbing.

But will it be possible for him to change something and prevent a catastrophe?




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User picture vk_Александрович
branch Ivan User is authorized through social network. network "VKontakte"06.01.2015, in 02: 13: 47

What's the difference: the house fell during the film, or not? The bottom line is that it really falls. And the main character is the only one trying to do something.
He is confronted by those who believe that "God made the world so and made us live in it." But it is obvious that this is a lie: there is no god who did something to us and something "forced" us. They themselves, these people, make the world like that. They did not do it - they continue to do it. Right now, while the "fool" is running and trying to at least change something, not complaining that he alone and hardly will correct something, he acts strictly rationally and courageously. Does what he can. The rest in their cowardice all fall on others or on the Lord of God ...
A great movie. The essence of it is that if there were not one such fools in that city, but at least a dozen, then the world around them is local, within the limits of this one city at least it would have changed for the better. But he will not change, because too many "wise people", fans to beat the weak and cash in on those who are less fortunate ... and at the end of the reign they will all die like pigs: either they will sit in prison, either perebut each other, or lie under ruins of the house, or they will die by their death, tormented for the rest of their life by their conscience and shame for their shameful cowardice and greed. And he alone will live like a real person, nothing is ashamed of not having to lie to himself every day ... And if he dies, he will die as a hero. Only on such as he, and keeps all the progress, and all development. Without such "fools", we would still not have come down from the trees ...

User picture fb_https: // Id = 100006728449302
branch Діма User is authorized through social network. Facebook network14.01.2015, in 01: 25: 49

Well, all right, people are not some kind of maidanuty to fight for their rights, only fools like Dima Nikitin are performing, so the film is called a fool. all right?

User picture omikhailov
branch Oleg (omikhailov)21.07.2017, in 17: 02: 08

A disgusting base design work in the spirit of serials on RTR. This is not surprising, given that Bykov was the only one to shoot TV shows about cops. You can recommend for viewing mother-in-law.

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